Nobody knows his real name, only his legend. He is a symbol for all warriors in the west and is well known in the east too. The barbarian clans of Akrindor and goblin tribes, know and fear him, calling him Kah-Norah, which means: “Ice-eyed demon”. His most important feat was twenty years ago when with only a handful of warriors, he heroically resisted a massive goblin assault on the fortress of Xargan Del near the mines of Rombar for a month. Now Deathshadow is 60 years old.


Description:(what you look like to others)

Physically he is a huge man, 6’10’’ tall; the face is plain and silver-framed by a white beard sprinkled with black and his eyes are the color of of a stormy sky: during battle, they seem to flash with lightning. When fighting, he is simply unstoppable, in spite of his age, seemingly tireless. With Deathshadow, no army has ever been defeated. He wears an old black breastplate with black protections, a horned helm with no visor and fight with a terrific greatsword known as “Soulmower”, said to have magical

Deathshadow died defending Draman Del against the Akridorians. He died after fighting a gruesome creature called a Gawk/

See Session 25.