Dril Moonblade - Sprig Adventurer



Dril Moonblade was born 28 years ago during a battle. His birth occured exactly at midnight, which seems to have bestowed some level of night-vision(?) on him. His mother died during the birth but he was taken in by a mysterious stranger. This man raises Dril as though he were his own. At a young age the man begins teaching his young charge his business as a pawn broker. He also taught him the ways of folk magic, allowing Dril to clean the shop in half the time he used to.

When he was ten his father's shop was robbed and burned. Dril witnessed this and soon was hunted by the men who commited the crime. When he was captured, he was enslaved to pay the debts of his adopted father. He was branded on the back of the neck just below the hair line.

After spending two years as a slave tending the dragons and learning basic thieving skills, Dril killed the man who owned him and escaped. Unfortunately, the man he killed happened to be a powerful local politician and returning to Kilmoor would now result in his death.

Dril moved to Corvel believing that at least there he wouldn't be made a slave again. He settled down with a small group of sprigs in the northern reaches of Holaf and was living a happy enough life as a shop keeper until a local baron ordered all subjects who were of the shorter persuasions rounded up and enslaved. Many in Dril's community escaped, many more were killed(including his wife and child), and some were captured and sent to work the fields and mines.

Within six months Dril had organized a revolt which gained him his freedom. After his escape, he returned to the ruined village and found in the wreckage an old scroll of some ancient magic. The baron would like to find the one who organized the revolt and have him punished severely, but Dril isn't going that way any time soon.     

For the last year he has traveled to the east, stealing what he needs to stay alive(and some times a little more). Now he has ended up with this band of misfits in the town of Redshore. Who knows where our adventures will take us.

Description(what you look like to others) Dril Moonblade is 4'10" tall, 32 pounds. He is dark complected with light grey eyes and black hair. He wears mostly black studded leather armour with a hard leather shield that he has formed to his face. His mode of dress is unspectacular yet subdued.