Arrowflight Fate Cards

By using this system it doesn't throw the Arrowflight game out of whack too badly. It does add a lot of spice to the game and can give the PC's that 'heroic edge' and finesse they need from time to time. The DM also has the ability to use the cards against the players to make his own antagonists more dangerous. Players will constantly try to 'figure out' what cards the DM has and that will keep them on edge, which adds to the drama of the game. You can download a sample of my cards here.
These are printed on 3x5 index cards or card stock.


The Players should get their Destiny Score in Fate Cards +1. So if you had a Destiny of 1 you would get 2 Fate Cards. A DM should let them turn in 1 card for another that is randomly drawn. At the end of the night any Fate Cards not used would garner them +1 XP's.

The DM should also draw 1 Fate Card for every Player at the table. He can use his cards to counter the PC cards or at least aid in the saving of certain hi-ranking villains. This will save some NPC baddies from being overwhelmed by the good guys ganging up on them. Sure there will be some bitching and moaning, but overall the entire group will have twice the number of cards the DM does. What is good for the PC's is also good for the NPC opponents.

Cards by Category

Skill Bonus. +1 to any Skill Check

Spider Sense. Add 2 Auto Successes to any Perception-type check.

Skill Bonus. Add +1 to any Agility skill check

Skill Bonus. Add +1 to any Dexterity skill check

Skill Bonus. Add +1 to any Willpower skill check

Skill Bonus. Add +1 to any Strength skill check

Skill Bonus. Add +1 to any Intelligence skill check

Skill Bonus. Add +1 to any Perception skill check

Suduction. Add 1 Success to any Seduction check.

Super Suduction. Add 2 Successes to any Seduction check.

Stealth Card. Add 2 Successes to any Stealth check


Automatic Defense Card. Blocks any one hit

Whirlwind Attack Card. Enemy is at a -2 on his defenses due to the furious

Whirlwind Defense Card. +2 to All Defenses that Turn

Double Strength Card. You go into an adrenaline rage. Your strength doubles for this turn.
Add the bonus to your damage.

Berserker!!! +2 to Hit, Extra Attack, Double Strength on hits. Does 1d6+2
wounds at end of turn from physical stress.

Double Damage. Double your damage for one action

Triple Damage. Triple your damage for one action

Superior Weapon. +1 to Weapon Rating for one turn. (works for whole turn, enabling the
weapon to deal some serious damage).

Cleave Card. Enemy armor is halved for this action.

Iron Fist. Can make a punch with your hand, this blow being an effective WR 3.

Tough Guy. This card will nullify the first 5 points of damage. The PC just shrugs it off.

Macho Macho Man. This card will nullify the first 10 points of damage

First Action. You automatically win Initiative. You move first before all others

Block/Evade Ranged Weapon. The PC makes a normal defense vs. an arrow or
bullet in a spectacular manner.

Survivor! If you are killed you play this card and keep the last wound box blank on
your sheet no matter what. (But you can get killed on next hit)

Last Gasp. If killed the Character can make 1 final action without any
minuses for being hurt.

Save NPC. This card can be used to automatically block for NPC or to keep the
last Wounds box blank on the NPC's character sheet no matter what. (NPC can get
killed on next hit).


Magic Skill. +1 to Magic Skill Check.

Magic Time. Double Spell Duration for 1 action.

Big Mana. Double Spell Successes for 1 action. But next spell thrown in the same spot will
be at -2, because of the lack of mana in that area

Mana/Spirit Surge. -1 to Dif on any spell

Spell Resistance. +1 to your save against a spell.

Spell Defense. +2 to your save against a spell.

Mana/Spirit Surge. Double the distance or targets of a spell.

Mana Protection. Complete Defense against 1 spell for this action


Lucky Dice. +1 Success to Anything Card

Extra Action. Get an extra action this turn

Destiny. Re-roll a dice check.

Super Destiny. 2 Re-rolls of a dice check, take the better one.

God-like Destiny. 3 Re-rolls of a dice check, take the best one.

Double Luck. Turn this card in and draw 2 more Fate Cards

Fumbles to Critical. All 6's rolled get turned into 1's for one action. Great for Criticals.

Frog Brothers Defense. "Take this, it could save your life..." The spirit of the
Frog Brothers are with you! All attacks during this action do double damage
against supernatural creatures, such as Ghosts, Werebeasts, and Undead.