Races in Arrowflight

There are many races in the world of Nia. Here you will find some information about them. Most are in the Arrowflight book but some are specific to my gaming group.

Lets start with the Racial Caps Chart.


Aghali-ny-The "Children of Aghali" are actual a cruel joke of nature. The god Aghali magically merged elves with snakes and spawned the race of Aghali-ny. Aghali created them to hunt and eat the elves that they once were.

Aghali-ny resemble snakes with humanoid arms and small, multicolored scale that can look like skin at first glance. Native of th Dark Lands and the Southern Wilds, there slithering movement is not hindered by the thick jungle. They are skilled climbers, able to move through the trees as easily as on the ground. Just like a normal snake, the Aghali-ny lay eggs to reproduce.

Aghali-ny are hunters and warriors. They consider themselves highly honorable, but it is the honor of a hunter and prey. The Kilmoorians like to capture and enslave the Aghali-ny for gladiators.

While they prefer the meat of elves, they will eat just about any warm flesh. The Aghali-ny live to an average age of 300 years.

Stat Adjustments: −1 Brawn, −1 Quickness, +1 Wits
Bonus: +1 Sense, +1 Resist
Traits: Prehensile Tail


Humans-The origin of humanity is lost to the passages of time. They are an exceptionally diverse and industrious people of many sizes, shapes and colors. Over the past few millenia human civilization has risen to be the dominant force in Nia. However these different cultures also tend to be as diverse as the people themselves.

The typical human stands between five to six feet in height and can have skin coloring from a very pale white to ebony black. Bodywise humans can be stocky to very thin. Typically the lighter colored humans come from the northern regions while darker hued ones come from the south. Their lifespan is typically between eighty and one hundred years of age.

Stat Adjustments:


Elves-Elves are believed to be the oldest of all the races still living on Nia (with the possible exception of Dragonkind, their ancient enemies). Their cultures and histories are the stuff of legends, stretching backwards to a distant past. Elves are very close to humankind and have interbred many times with that younger species. This effect has caused a shortening of the natural elven lifespan and an increase in humans.

Elves are more lithe and slender than humans. Their features are delicate and all have pointed ears. They have a wide variety of hair and skin tones but most tend to be of the fair variety. Elves outside out human dominated territories tend to live as long as six centuries, while those who have interbred with humanity exist for only half as long.

Stat Adjustments: +1 Quickness, −1 Will
Bonus: +1 TN Archery, +1 TN Stealth, +1 Resist
Traits: Night Vision


Half-elves are from the union of humans and elves. Half-elves look like elves to humans and like humans to elves. half-elves consider themselves a separate people from humans and elves both and now "breed true" for the most part.  

Half-Elves have curiosity and ambitions like humans but they have sense for magic and love for nature like their elven parents. Their skin is paler than human skin and they are taller and bigger than elves. Half-Elves have long ears, but not as long as a true elf. Their lifespan is typically up to one hundred eighty years of age.
Stat Adjustments: +1Wits, −1 Toughness
Bonus: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Observe
Traits: Night Vision


Dwarves-Along with elves, dwarves are one of the oldest and most influential races in the world. Dwarven civilization is very ordered and organized, with many traditions. Many other peoples owe their basis of law, metallurgy and brewing to contact with industrious dwarvenkind. Typical dwarves tend to be a bit isolationistic with other races and rarely interbreed.

Dwarves are stocky, powerful individuals averaging about four feet in height. Males grow bushy beards from a young age and keep them throughout their lives. Females do not have these traits but do have prominent breasts. Their hair and skin tone ranges from light to dark. The dwarven lifespan is around five centuries.

Stat Adjustments: +1 Brawn, +1 Will, −2 Quickness
Bonus: +2 Resist, +1 Craft
Traits: Nightvision


Orcs-This widely maligned race was created by a sorcerer who had hoped to create an obedient army of savage warriors hundreds of years ago. This magically created creature was indeed very warlike and brutal, but tended not to be very cooperative with their creator or each other. They were a tribal race prone to outbursts of extreme violence. In time some became civilized (due indirectly to the Purge of Others by King Gar II) and now many can be found in the great cities of Corvel.

Orcs have boar-like features, including a snout and tusks. Their posture is usually hunched and they generally have very large muscles. Typical height for an orc is five to seven feet. Their skin tone ranges generally from green to gray, with coarse black hair. Urban orcs live as long as seventy years, while those in the wild survive half of that.

Stat Adjustments: +1 Brawn, +1 Toughness, -1 Wits. -1 Will
Bonus: +1 TN Melee, +1 Tactics
Traits: Scent, Nightvision


Half-orcs are typically born in wild frontiers where humans and orcs come into contact. Most are not conceived out of choice. Half-orcs have no native lands; they most often live among orcs. When not living among orc tribes, half-orcs almost always live in human lands, as humans are more accepting of half-orcs than other races. Half-elves tend to be sympathetic toward half-orcs, knowing the hardships of being an outcast from both of their parent races.

Half-orcs are frequently rejected by civilized society. They are drawn to violent careers suitable to their temperament and physical strength. They often find companionship among adventurers, many of whom are fellow wanderers and outsiders. Corvel is much more welcoming to half-orcs than other countries on Nia.

Half-orcs are between six and seven feet tall and usually weigh between 180 and 250 pounds. Half-orcs have greenish skin, jutting jaws, prominent teeth and coarse body-hair. Females are usually smaller in size, with almost no body hair.  Half-orcs have a life span of 60 to 90 years.
Stat Adjustments: +1 Brawn
Bonus: +1 TN Melee, +1 Tactics
Traits: 50% chance of Nightvision

Faerie-Folk - Sprites, Pixies and Ellinyeh belong to this grouping. They have a lot in common with each other but are very different in their outlook on life. It is known they lived in the time before humanity but it seems neither had a civilization on par with those of their larger cousins. Many have domesticated woodland animals like sparrows, rabbits, and even butterflies to help with menial labor.

Faeries tend to be about nine to eleven inches in height and weigh around half a pound. Their coloration is very diverse, depending on the region and tribe. These diminuitive creatures have very elf-like features just on a very small scale. Their lifespan is up to twenty years.

Stat Adjustments: +3 Quickness, −2 Brawn, −1 Will
Bonus: +1 Dodge, +1 Observe
Traits: Flight, Size −5, Weakness

Sprite- A race of faerie with brightly colored butterfly or moth-like wings. They are rather peaceful and live in pleasant woodland glades in hollowed out trees.

Pixie- Pixie's have clear, wasp-like wings. They tend to be more malicious and warlike than the playful Sprites. Pixies make their home in beehive-like structures.


Ellinyeh- pronounced ( el-ih- ny-uh). The faerie race called the Ellinyeh (singular: Elliny) are the Frozen Northlands variant of the sprites and pixies of the temperate zones. Ellinyeh are social beings, and can often be found among the nomadic elf tribes of the far north. Because of the rarity of flowering plant life above the use the tree line, Elliny young are incubated in the cones of coniferous trees in the south, lower elevations, joining their adult kin higher up shortly after hatching. It is unsure if the migration is by scent or by instinct.

Like other faeries, Ellinyeh are capable of winged flight (in this case, with crystallinelooking, gossamer wings that almost resemble stained glass), and are bioluminescent in flight. Flesh color is typically a translucent blue-gray, and they use the same character creation rules as a pixie or sprite. It is merely their appearance and attitude that varies.


Gnome- This race of industrious beings are excellent crafters in things such as clocks and other similar devices. They tend to be very sociable people and excel in many types of trade and are great at making deals.

Gnomes are about two feet in height and somewhat resemble small dwarves. They can live up to three centuries.

Stat Adjustments:  −2 Brawn, +1 Will, +1 Wits
Bonus: +1 Craft, +1 Bargain
Traits: Size −3



Sprig- These are an ill-tempered bunch that are suspicious of outsiders and those bigger than themselves. Sprigs have good crafting skills and manufacture all sorts of ingenious weapons, trick knives, firearms and the like.

Sprigs are two to three feet in height and are somewhat dark. They have the pointed ears typical of elves but theirs are usually longer and more pronounced. A sprig's lifespan is two and a half centuries.

Stat Adjustments:  −2 Brawn, +1 Quickness, +1 Wits
Bonus: +1 Craft, +1 Dodge
Traits: Size −3



Brownie- Brownie's are a small and very animalistic race. They are nomadic, having regular migratory patterns. They are quite primitive but are exceptionally adept in their natural, woodland environment. Snares, pit-traps, and more can easily be crafted by these small people.

Brownie's have large, pointed ears, and have a light covering of shaggy fur. Many resemble wild, feral animals. They stand around three feet in height and live approximately two hundred years.


Icefolk- a race exclusive to the Northern Wastes, are a breed of faerie created by Dalah as she strode the frozen north. Immune to the blistering cold but sensitive to more moderate temperatures, icefolk are rarely found outside the their native land. Icefolk can be found living among other tribes, but in most parts of the Northern Wastes, they prefer to live on their own.

Icefolk are a genetic variant of the earthfolk, they stand between 2 and 3 feet tall and are covered in short, bristly fur that ranges in color from blue to white. Their features are sharp and their pointed ears give them the look of a small, furry elf. They are completely immune to cold and often spike their hair with icicles as a method of intimidation. Icefolk are social creatures and live in small clans typically numbering from ten to forty individuals. These clans are usually underground or carved out of glacial ice.

Isolated clans are spread throughout the Northern Wastes, and some groups have joined rural clans in northern Tolak and Corvel for protection against ice goblins, who hunt them for sport and meat. Most icefolk tribes choose to remain leaderless and all clan members typically get a vote on all subjects. Clans have been known to split over petty grievances only to reform again when threatened by outside forces.

They do not practice any magic other than glamours. Occasionally, members of a clanhold will choose to accentuate their magic with Chaos, though they use the method sparingly. Reordering the Web of Life can be detrimental to smaller races and they prefer not to tamper with Dalah’s creation.

Icefolk are not able to withstand warmer temperatures, so their presence south of the icy wastelands is extremely rare. Icefolk are completely immune to all forms of cold, but are sensitive to heat. They are uncomfortable at any temperature which will melt snow, and anything warmer than room temperature will inflict 1 point of damage per day, regardless of SAVE. These points cannot be healed until the icefolk are returned to a cooler climate. Fire will inflict double normal damage.

Stat Adjustments: +1 Quickness, −1 Will
Bonus: +1 TN Archery, +1 Resist
Traits: Night Vision, Heat intolerant


Mon'taka- Mon'taka have a mysterious origin. Even the Mon'taka
dont know where they came from. They are from the jungles and mountains in the Southern Wilds, where they live in small tribes. They are highly superstitious and fearful of strangers. They have been known to attack those they feel are a threat with very little provocation.

Mon'taka are humanoid with an ape-like face, strong muscular bodies, and are coverd in dark brown or black fur. Their long faces sport jutting fangs used primarily for intimidation, but can do a nasty bite(WR 2).

Kilmoorians often go on Mon'taka expiditions to capture them to use as slaves and gladiators.

Today, Mon'taka live in small tribal groups, but are often encounterd in ancient ruins in the jungles and forests that appear to have been built by the species. Ancient glyphs cam be found in these ruins depicting Mon'taka as mighty rulers og vast empires. The reason for ther fall still remains a mystery.

Mon'taka average life span is 90 years.

Stat Adjustments:  +1 Brawn, +1 Will
Bonus: +1 Ahletics, +1 Track
Traits: Leaper


Marr'ish- Marr'ish are "people of the water". They are a small amphibious race originating from the Southern Wilds. They originated from the Brownies and were magically combined with frogs, salamanders and other amphibians to better survive the marshy swamps that they call home. The ability to breath both air and water makes them well suited for their home.

Marr'ish have very frog like faces, webbed hands and feet, legs built for jumping, and thick climbing pads at the ends of there fingers, they resemble large, upright toads. A typical adult stands about two and a half feet in height, tho this is a bit misleading because of their natural slouch. Fully extended in water, most adults exceed 3 feet in length. The Marr'ish live an average of 80 years.



Mer- Mer are simply Sea Elves. According to legends the Mer are descendants of ancient elves who preferred life in the ocean and were altered by Deyeus to better fit their new environment. Many Mer live in nomadic tribes, in particular oceans or territories, where as others have made more permanant homes in underwater caves, coral reefs, or kelp forests. Some actually live in "Mer Nations" scattered across the oceans, with full societies and governments, cultivated resources, professional militaries and establishments of higher learning.

Mer are accepting of the other races, but are a bit warry of humans because of the hostile interactions with the nation of Kilmoor. They are downright hostile to Kilmoorians.

Mer can breathe on land and in the water, but are a bit clumsy on land. Mer are considered lanky by land standards, with skinny arms and legs. Their ears are long and pointy, but closer to the sides of their head than their land cousins. They have large eyes, two small nostril slits, and wide lipless mouths. Newborns sometimes have body hair but lose it by the age of 100. Their hands and feet are webbed, and they possess tiny fins along their forearms to help push them through the water. Their backs are typically a dark, mottled shade of blue or green, while their faces and bellies are much lighter in color. This provides limited camouflage while hunting near the surface.

Mer often place intricate tatoos on themselves with bioluminescent inks. This helps to identify differences in individuals, families, clans, or nations while in deep water. Like their land cousins, Mer live for 600 years.

Stat Adjustments: +1 Quickness, −1 Will
Bonus: +1 TN Stealth, +1 Resist
Traits: Night Vision


Ordanyo- Ordanyo or "Sea Dwarves" look simular to dwarves in some respects. The males grow thick beards which they decorate with kelp and seaweed . They possess a thick outer skin, somewhat like a crab exoskeleton, across their heads, legs and arms. A thicker turtle-like carapice protects there backs. Their faces are covered with small scales for less protection. They have natural bioluminescent patches across their bodies which help them navigate in the dark waters of the deep. Each patch is unique and can help to identify different individuals.

The Ordanyo range the world over, but are uncommon in shallow bodies of water. They make homes in coastal reefs, undersea caverns and shipwrecks in the open sea. They are especially common near thermal vents and fissures, which heat there homes and aid in tool making.

Like their land cousins, Ordanyo live for 500 years and bear one child at a time.


Merrow- Merrow are a Goblin race altered to survive in the ocean. They are a dangerous and cunning breed. According to ancient legends, a goblin tribe was ubder attack by a powerful forrest dragon. To escape the dragon their shaman used his gifts to transform them into sea creatures to slip into the ocean.

Merrow do not have legs, but have a powerful tail to propel them swiftly through the water. Merrow are still air breathers like their land cousins. They can hold there breaths for 8 hours before having to make a resist roll, or surface to prevent drowning. A check every hour is need after that.

Merrow are blue-gray skinned with green highlight and darken with age. In some tribes, its common for adults to have teeth of a white death shark intead of their own. This is a rite of passage for young Merrow. This gives a merrow a WR 2 crushing bite.

Merrow are generally anti-social and generally avoid other tribes and races except in war. They are aggressive and territorial except for a few. These few have learned to work with Mer, Ordanyo and other races. These few are considered civilized and often take positions as gaurds, hunters, or assassins for other underwater races.

Merrow are a cunning and intelligent race and are devious killers. They live for 150 years.

Coriphin- Magically spawned by Marg in the deep ocean, the Coriphin are the cross of Mer and deep sea predator fish. There name literally means "kings of the deep" and the have a complex and brutal culture.

Coriphae live in tribal groups where the most powerful individual rules. In some areas they have destroyed Ordanyo cites and live in the ruins, giving rumor to Coriphae kingdoms. In reality they are not civilized at all.

Coriphae are well scaled, have a fish-like face, a thin build, and long razor sharp teeth. They can control the color an size of their scales and often use this ability to attract their prey or blend in. They worship thier ancestors and Marg. They have a shamanic religion.

Most undersea races do not like the Coriphae. Although they have been known to work with Sea Trolls, kelpies and sirens, they most often enslave or consume anyone they meet. Unlike the other aquatic races the Coriphin cannot survive out of the water. Withe the help of spells and prayers they can leave the water, but generally they can only houd their breaths for 20 minutes. Average life expectancy is 50 years.


Shal'taka- means "Dragon Man" in Ancient. They are native to Kilmoor but can be found in various places throughout Nia.

In the early ages, many Kilmoorian priests attempted to prove themselves by transforming themselves into dragons by drinking dragon blood(very toxic!) and arcane invocations. They failed. The ritual was unsuccessful and the priests found themselves left with draconic traits and thier humanoid nature. From the pool of two hundred priests and priestesses, the Shal'taka were born.

The Shal'taka have dragon-like heads and humanoid bodies, complete with scales, claws(WR1) and a tail. The scales give them a natural AV of 4. Their colors very, but most are emerald/olive, dun/khaki yellow and rusty red/brown tones.

Most Shal'taka gather in small clans in the mountains of Kilmoor, content with proving themselves as worthy Nians by serving a Dragon Lords or church leader. Individually, they may exibit more religious apathy and some actually scorn the old religion. Some rogues follow the spice roads growing wealthy as traders and merchants, couriers, or hired muscle. Shal'taka are rare north of Kilmoor. They all perplex their brethren Kilmoorians to no end. Some Kilmoorians treat them as equal second class citizens, others as superior beings.

Although they are human origins, many scholars classify them as a species of dragon. A female lays up to six eggs after a successful mating. Average lifespan of the Shal'taka is 250 years.

Stat Adjustments: +1 Quickness, +1 Toughness, -1 Will
Bonus: +1 Athletics
Traits:Natural Armor (AV 10)


Half-Goblin- Half-Goblins, or Hobgoblins as there commonly called, are about 4 to 5 feet tall, with dark green skin, pointed ears, and somewhat bestial faces. Their fingers end in small talons and their teeth are pointed and sharp. Their bodies are wiry and muscular, and their smaller stature does not equal less strength. Hobgoblins have been compared to cockroaches; it is impossible to get rid of them. They are tenacious creatures that make their way in a hostile environment, and this tends to make them believe everyone's against them. It is said "Just because you feel there is an enemy behind every bush, it does not mean that you are wrong"...and in the goblin's case, this is often the truth.

Hobgoblins see well in low-light conditions. Their large ears pick up all but the faintest sounds. They are strong of limb and personality, very smart but are often rather weak-willed. This general lack of strong will contributes greatly to their susceptibility to magic.

Hobgoblins fight to win; honor is for those who can afford it. This applies in everything they do They are aided by their racial talent, and maintain trading relations with most coastal countries.

Traditional Hobgoblin clothing consists of trophy sash and kilt. Each tribe is associated with a particular color or pattern. This is found in the patterns of their kilts, in their war banners (not seen since the old tribes of Nordia), and is often the only color of their trophy sash. These sashes have great personal value; Hobgoblins mark victories and major milestones by placing badges on the sash as a commemoration.

Hobgoblins have dislike elves, who they believe betrayed them so long ago in the racial purge of Nordia. Relations with humans are fairly cordial, because they both trade a great deal. They have almost no opinion of dwarves and even less of the fairie races.

Hobgoblin society is based on tribal relations; there are two large tribes, the Kang and the Greegore, and in addition there are a few smaller tribes and a large population of Tribeless. The tribeless are scorned by the tribes, but they had forsworn their oaths to the tribes in order to live a life of self-sufficiency and to live among the other races. The tribeless are a product of culture, due to the influence of the humans. The tribes members themselves are easily identified; tribal tattoos cover large parts of their bodies.


Centaur- A Centaur is half man, half horse. Its head, trunk and arms are those of a man. Its legs and remaining body are those of a horse. Centaurs have a wild craving for wine and women. They serve Aghali and his chaos doctrine. They are wild, ferocious and have little restraints. Their brutal customs scare mankind. The Centaurs are very erratic. They can be hospitable one moment, irrational the next.

Proud and strong, the Centaurs are among the oldest of the peoples of the Nia. Nobility and honor shine in the eyes of every Centaur, and it is said that the deeds of ancient Centaur heroes were the inspiration for the King's conception of chivalry and the Code. Ages of war and strife have thinned the numbers of these mighty beings, but great herds still ride to crusade from the depths of the plains or the Frozen wastelands of the north.

The children of Aghali, Centaurs have inherited their father's sense of duty, and rarely feel content, even in times of tranquility. Centaur Warriors are always galloping away to chase the winds and hunt the enemies of the World. It is said that the Centaurs were the first to teach the ways of Law and War to the Sons of Men, and the Horse Princes are still strong allies of Humankind. Centaurs are known for there great skill with a bow, it is said that a Centaur archer never misses. Swift of hoof, true to their word and strong in battle, Centaurs are worthy allies and deadly adversaries.

Height: 6'9" - 8'6"


Bloodgaurd Mage - femaleBloodgaurd- The Bloodgaurd (sometimes called dark elves) come from The Dark Lands. It is a land of lush rainforests and a mix of jungle and giant conifers hides hundreds of tribal kingdoms, some housed in ancient ruins, some in wooden cities in the canopy. The Bloodguard is a scion of a special bloodline. At some point in his/her life, a Bloodgaurd experiences some event that brings about revelations. He realizes that he has a different, previously unknown path for his life—one of power and responsibility. The Bloodguard is a burdened individual, who carries the weight and duty of a secret bloodline. He is extremely rare—most with the bloodline are not aware of its distinction and power, let alone their own potential. Sorcerers and swordsmen are by far the most common Bloodguard. Bloodgaurd will know when their purpose is found. The spend their lives looking and once found, they will die in the service of their new found blood cause.

The Bloodgaurd live in tribal clans. They spend their youthful days learning their chosen fields of occupation, becoming the best of the best. They are a very honorable race, in fact, once a Bloodgaurd gives his oath to a task or person, they would rather die before dishonoring that pledge.

Like their elven cousins, Bloodgaurd are more lithe and slender than humans. Their features are delicate and all have pointed ears and all are muscular. They have very dark hair or very white. Their skin tones are dark brown to black. Bloodgaurd tend to live as long as six centuries.

Stat Adjustments: +1 Quickness, +1 Will, -1 Toughness
Bonus: +1 Magic, +1 TN Stealth, +1 Resist
Traits: Night Vision


FristleThe Fristle race is the newest of the races in Corvel. They are known to be from the plains of Akrindor, were they were hunted down and destroyed by most the clans for sport. They are treated as a sub-race and an abomination in most areas of Akrindor. It is said they were created long ago by the magic’s of Mortisse d’Nor’krindor or Marg, but no one is quite sure how old and where the Fristles actually originated from.

Queen Kayla of Akrindor and her clan have been protecting the Fristles and smuggling them into Brudic for many years, via the mountainous area that the Corvelians call the "Cursed Woods", where they have lived and stayed hidden. After the battle of Dramen Del, some open trade with Queen Kayla's clan began and Kayla escorted a few of the Fristles to Greyhelm, at the request of the Duchess of Grey, because of the insight of the Dutchess’ cousin, Elaina of Grey. They have been welcomed to Greyhelm as equal citizens since then.

The Fristles have no central governing body, and tribes are made up of a family group led by the strongest male. This mimics the culture they had in Akrindor, but is slowing changing as they learn more of Corvelian culture. They have a strong bond with the Grey family and to Queen Kayla's clan.

The Fristle is a humanoid feline race. They are covered in black fur, much like a panther and their eye color ranges from yellow to brown. They are very graceful and are capable of transforming into a \panther. The bipedal form is the natural one and they prefer it. In their natural forms they wear little clothing, preferring little more than loincloths and straps to hold their weapons and personal items. Fristles normally range in height from 4’ to 5’ tall, weigh between 120 to 160 pounds and have sharp retractable claws. They live for approximately 50 years.
Stat Adjustments: +2 Quickness, −2 Brawn
Bonus: +1 Dodge, +1 Stealth
Traits: Night Vision, Claws(WR 2)