10 yards
Duration: 1 hour /mana
Drawing the symbols for the gate
A magical door opens. When stepped through, it will transport the person from there existing place to the caster's destination.
Requirements: Incantation a Focus Item(drawings)
Cast Time:
1 hour Type (C/N) C

This spell opens up a portal between one place and another. The mage must spend at least an hour working on the Gate spell. During that time he draws mystical sigils on a wall or floor, giving the spell it's location and power.

The mage can merely draw these magical symbols on a surface, or he may choose a more permanent method of creating a Gate. If the mage carves the symbols into stone, it will take 3-18 hours to do so, all the while the mage must be concentrating on the spell.

The Gate will remain functioning until the magical sigils are broken in some way. A person smudging one of the lines would cause this to happen.

If it is not a permanent Gate (not set in stone, only drawn or painted) each creature passing through it will have a 20% chance of breaking one of the lines, nullifying the spell. (roll a 2d6, on that unlucky boxcars, whamo)

A Gate can be used by any creature touching it, and it can be used many, many times.

This way a Gate spell can be functional for long periods.

The surface of a Gate will look like a bizarre patchwork of scribbles and geometric patterns. Only when something touches the pattern will it's meaning become obvious. The person will disappear from that location, reappearing instantly at the endpoint of the Gate.

The destination the mage is making the Gate to, must be a place the mage has been to before. It must be located on solid ground or something similar. If he hasn't been there and has only heard of the location, he only has a 20% chance of getting to the correct spot(Roll 2d6, on snake-eyes it works). If he misses the desired location, he could end up any where, even on another world.

The distance traveled by the Gate spell can be immense. If it is between worlds remember that time passes differently between spheres. The character may arrive at the correct place, but at the wrong time. Roll 1d6. On a 1 or 2 the character has arrived 2-12 days early. On a 3 or 4 he has arrived at his current time. On a 5 or 6 he has arrived 2-12 days later than expected.

The Gate spell only works one way, from one point to another. If the mage wishes a way back, he must come up with another Gate spell.

The Gate is a way for characters to move from one location to another very rapidly.

Per additional 10 yards

by BJ.... aka Gadrath the Great