War Notes

The Continent of Corvel is at war on two fronts at this time, along with several skirmishs from the Goblin Nations up north. To the South, the Kilmoorians, long time enemy of Corvel is attacking. To the East, the Akridorian Zenith tribes, led by a Knight of Discord, are trying to get through Draman Del.

King Marcus and most of the troops are down in the southern providences, (Cirabur, Stengal, and the Sea of Corvel) fighting the Kilmoorian fleet and armies in Holaf.

The PCs and a rag-tag army of mercenaries, soldiers and any other able bodied man or woman they could get, are in the old Fortress City of Draman Del, fending it from the barbarian Zenith tribes. They are outnumbered by approx. 65 to 1. The PCs have to help hold the city for a month until re-inforcements can arrive.

Below are notes and statistics of both wars as the PCs learn them.


Maylin 20th, 952

Kilmoorian Front
- Kilmoorian raids happen simultaneously along the coasts of Corvel, from Redshore to the Stone Islands
- King Cedric Greystone III is assassinated in Blariston, by Kilmoor spies or conspirators
- Marcus Greystone, Cedric's younger brother, steps up and assumes the throne
- His Majesty Marcus Greystone decrees…
"All official state business is to be moved temporarily to the old capital city of Marigor in Blaris province. Castle Marigor, already home to King Marcus, will be the interim seat of power.

All nobles of eligible age are to report to their nearest provincial representative for military or civil assignment. All freemen of eligible age are to report to their local Army garrison or free company recruiter for enlistment into military service. Farming families with less than three children of eligible age are exempt, as their work is needed to raise the food our empire depends upon so dearly.

All provincial mage colleges are to provide a registry of graduating adepts to be reviewed and considerated for military or civil service.

A season’s amnesty period is granted, from spring to summer, for any freebooter or pirate captain who will come forth to enlist his ship in the service of the Crown. Any privateer serving the King’s Navy will receive eighty shares of seized enemy goods and pay twenty shares to the Crown.
All law-abiding Kilmoorian nationals and diplomatic representatives have until St. Barlo’s Day to quit the sovereign borders of Corvel. After St. Barlo’s Day, a bounty will be offered by the Crown for the head of any enemy of the state, on the following basis:
10g for a Kilmoorian soldier
20g for a rebel soldier
50g for anyone harboring or assisting an enemy of the state
100g for a Kilmoorian officer or agent, dead
1,000g for a Kilmoorian officer, alive
5,000g for an enemy agent, alive

All nonhumans previously kept as slaves in Kilmoor, Holaf or their allies are hereby made freemen under Imperial law, and are to be accorded the dignity, respect and rights of freemen. Freemen detained in forced servitude will be eligible for reparations.
Treason is punishable by death. Anyone found guilty of sympathizing with, trafficking with, harboring, protecting or otherwise giving aid to enemies of the state, shall be executed. The only quarter to be given is in the event of complete surrender, disarmament and submission to the authorities."

Maylin 25th, 952

Kilmoorian Front
- To Arms! The Provincial Army of Cirabur seeks able-bodied, experienced soldiers of any age, race or gender! For the King! For Corvel! For Freedom!

- King Emon Duzan of Kilmoor Decrees...
"I address the infidels of this country, barbarians who mock the most holy Dragon Lords and disregard the natural order.

Be it known that any blood spilled in this conflict is upon the hands and hearts of those who followed a foul and greedy king, and who still may follow those in his succession. The great Kilmoorian Empire has simply come to the aid of a friend and ally, the Duchess Lea of House Holaf, whose lands and rightful title were taken from her by the most evil Cedric of house Green.

We now admonish the citizens of all Corvelian provinces to do what is right, do not deny the natural order. Surrender your weapons and armor made of dragon bones and skin. Slay any magista practicing with dragon blood or other components. Subjugate your nonhumans, for they are not worthy of the same station. Let those who would resist the natural order be tortured and put to death.

Above all, do not make war against your Kilmoorian brethren. We have brought peace, culture and prosperity to many nations. And we extend to you the hand of friendship."

- Brynn Ellery, Niece of Baron Jorgen Ellery and daughter of Aelynn Islandborn, master fencer from the Kainal Isles, a devout Rellianite and fervent patriot, Brynn wants nothing more than to send the Kilmoorian invaders packing, and has organized a resistance/militia within Blariston that endeavors to cleanse the former capital of pro- Kilmoor sentiment.


Junt 5th, 952

Kilmoorian Front
- It has been reported by reliable agents of the Prince Regent that the major Kilmoorian threat in Blariston has been neutralized.
Members of the Silver Gauntlet, working with the district magistrates, civilian resistance groups and the King’s Pistoliers, have driven all armed Kilmoorian agents from the city. Sir Brendan Tetryal, Captain of the Blariston Pistolier garrison, made the following statement:
“Although the greater threat may still lay dormant on the lips and in the hearts of traitors who may call themselves Corvelian citizens, the danger of armed invasion by enemy forces has been nullified.”

According to Sir Brendan, as many as five-and-twenty enemy spies, and over one hundred Kilmoorian shock troops were arrested, tried and executed. At least four-hundred-sixty Blariston citizens were killed in the violent coup that murdered King Cedric II.

- Corvel is currently administered by the Prince Regent, Cedric’s brother Marcus Greystone, from his chief quarters in Marigor. Marcus is undertaking the journey to Blariston this season, to be coronated in Cathedral Wood on St. Barlo’s Day.

- Kilmoorian raiding parties are becoming more brazen along the southern coast and in the island provinces, sinking any ship flying Corvel colors and taking all prisoners as slaves.

- Orlando Vyne of the Pen, orc magistrate of the Central District in Blariston, single handedly bagged three of the Kilmoorian spies found in the recent purge. After a brief vacation in Greyhelm to heal his wounds, Orlando moved to Marigor to be in charge of the King's Pistoliers and his personal gaurds, the Silver Gauntlet.

Draman Del Front
- Rumors of wild "beastmen" taking children up in Bird Keep, Sigel Providence are on the rise.
- Orlando Vyne, under orders of King Marcus, sends the PCs up to investigate.

Junt 12th, 952

Kilmoorian Front
- Reports by magistrates along Corvel’s southern quarter, say that Kilmoorian slave raiders have been seen as far north as Rivercross in Blaris province, putting these small, isolated incursions dangerously close to the various seats of organization and power in the land. It should be noted that such raids have all been within one mile of a major river and always under cover of night.

- River piracy has increased tenfold since Kilmoor’s coup last season, possibly a reaction by criminal elements seeking to profit from our nation’s turmoil.

- Prince Marcus has assigned more troops and agents to cover strategic ports and waterways, and bounties for captured enemy vessels have been opened to include local rewards from stricken communities.

- Prince Marcus puts a hold on his "official" corination and sends troops to Cirabur. He moves the royal seat of power from Blariston to Marigor.

Draman Del Front
- The PCs discover that a Cult of Marg and lycanthropes are responsible for the slaughter of innocents and the taking of children up at Bird Keep. King Marcus sends a troop of soldiers to help Duke David Sigel.


Junt 13th, 952

Draman Del Front
- The PCs eliminate the Cult of Marg at Bird Keep. They inadvertently release the Knights of Discord, the essence of an ancient dark god.


Junt 20th, 952

Kilmoorian Front
- Several renowned windlord breeders have reported the theft of hatchlings by persons unknown.

- The sprite community near the village of Shadow Glen in the Magewood district of Blaris has been found decimated. No bodies were recovered, and the entire holt reduced to cinders. King’s Pistoliers suspect firedrakes, and urge caution when traveling in the vicinity. A bounty has been offered by neighboring communities totaling more than 1000g for the apprehension of the culprits, dead or alive.

- More and more small towns and business men are asking for help against brigands and pirates.

- Cardinal Ralford, Order of the Holy Exhortiad proclaims:
"It is decreed that no child of Light shall shrink from his duty to smite those who dwell in Darkness, for the penalty that evildoers must suffer is death.

It shall be the charge of every maid and man among us to vanquish the enemy that sneaks in the night, to cause panic and mayhem. So it is too the birthright of the righteous to live in peace and harmony, and to pursue virtue in all its forms. And should death befall one who fights for all that is Right, and Just and Holy in the eyes of Rellian and Creator, then shall such a one be blessed, and taken to the place of honor in the City of Truth.

All praise be to Rellian, and to the All Creator."

Draman Del Front
- Reports of body "husks" are found scattered through out Sigel, Poza, Reis, Alonz, Garkan and Brudic. Some small villiages and towns have been completely wiped out of its population by this unknown force.

- Draman Del reports some big gatherings of the Zenith tribes in Akrindor.


Jewl 3rd, 952

Kilmoorian Front
- "My fellow countrymen,
I wish my report from the Southern front was more full of cheer, but I have never believed in deception for propaganda’s sake. We are not winning in the south, along Holaf’s border. Nor are we losing that particular fight. We have created a stalemate, and one that could easily fall to either side if variables are not added to the mix. Specifically, variables on the side of Corvel, of the
Crown, the future King, and all of the free citizens of this land. We need every warrior, ship and free company to throw into this war. There is plunder to be claimed and glory to be won. Most importantly, there is freedom to be protected."

Sir Peyton Frostmoor
Commander, Brindle’s Brigands

- Prince Marcus declares war.

Jewl 4th, 952

Kilmoorian Front
- Prince Marcus and Duke Marshall of Cirabur have led a combined force across the Holaf border and occupy the towns of Tendi and Trader Cove.

Draman Del Front
- Lord Ashen of Draman Del sends a deligation out to meet with a self proclaimed King of Akrindor.
- Zenith tribes gather to the banner of a self proclaimed King of Akrindor. The Zenith tribes have never gathered in such a big group in the known history of Corvel. Lord Ashen fears trouble.

Jewl 18th, 952

Draman Del Front
- A single boy, from the delegation that Lord Ashen sent to the self proclaimed King of Akrindor, returns in a chariot, mutilated and half dead.
- The PCs are sent to find the Scarlet Priests, to see if they will aid Draman Del in the ensuing war. (Sessions 21 & 22)
- An estimated 500,000 Zenith have gathered outside Draman Del.

Jewl 28th, 952

Draman Del Front
- The legendary Deathshadow joins Draman Del as well as 120 priests from the Brotherhood of the Scarlet Rose and 100 Shadows (a mercenary following of Deathshadow).
- The PCs go on a secret mission to destroy 4 catapults that the Zenith have built. First Victory!
- War is Declared!

Jewl 29th, 952

Kilmoorian Front
- Prince Marcus sends General "Wolf" Adran and his army to help out Draman Del.

Draman Del Front
- Draman Del has 8000 Infantry (5500 regular, 2500 Veterans), 600 knights and 500 archers, 100 Shadows and 120 Red Priests to fight against the 500,000 Zenith. Reinforcements for the Draman Army is expected to arrive in 4-6 weeks.

- Day 1, The first attack - Deathshadow is in the middle over the East Gate with Treman and a company of veterans; Bandegil is with other veterans in front of the gate south of the Sixth wall; Innikas and the Scarlet Rose Brotherhood are on the wall to the south; Etheren is with his Shadows to the north; Frotes has aligned the cavalry ready to charge behind the East Gate. Nothig, Johanna and his archers shoot the barbarians with arrows until they place the siege ladders against the walls, when the archers jump behind the wall with grappling hooks and ropes, dropped quickly by other soldiers. There are a total of about 5000 men on the bastions.

The barbarian horde advance silently up to a certain point, then roar their battle cry and charge the bastions with siege ladders, followed by a battering-ram. The ladders are placed along the wall close to each other, to prevent them from sliding sideways. Unfortunately there are not enough Draman to cover all the ladders, so two Draman Regulars cover every three ladders.

One Zenith reaches the top of the wall about every round. If the attackers break in, the defenders will form a semicircle in front of the stairs leading into the fortress, while the archers will shoot anyone who drops from the walls into the city. The battering-ram cannot break in today because of the shower of arrows from the towers.

Deathshadow creates havoc with his enemies. He is brandishing the greatsword with amazing skill. The old man’s eyes shine with an icy light, whilst he slaughters dozens of enemies using his Whirlwind Attack. Treman assists him with some veterans, dancing with his two scimitars in the midst of the Zenith.

Innikas and his priests fight like demons. Often they perform “the blooming rose attack”, during which about 20 priests run in circles chanting a kind of spell, transforming quickly into a giant rose with blades, swirling and killing everything it touches.

The Shadows fight silently and efficiently, killing an infinite number of enemies. After two hours of combat, the Zenith retreat. A victory roar is heard from the city walls. Once they are out of arrow range, a group of Zenith warriors stops and chants: “Kah-Norah, Kah-Norah, Kah-Norah, Kah-Norah”. The Zenith honor Deathshadow, so it is a matter of pride for them to kill him.

During the night the Draman withdraw to the Sixth wall.

Casualties: 700 including: 600 Regulars, 90 Veterans, 8 Archers, and two Shadows.


Jewl 30th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 2, The PCs help repel a Zenith force that have entered the city from the sewers. (Session 24)

- Lord Ashen is murdered. Lord Bandegil is the prime suspect. Lord Ashen's son Destor assummes command.

-They day is Cloudy. The Zenith archers shoot from the Seventh wall, but the shortbows do little damage from this distance. Then they attack as usual.

Casualties: 300 including: 250 Regulars, 40 Veterans, 10 archers.


Jewl 31th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 3, The day is Cloudy. One of the battering-rams breaks down the gate of the sixth wall, but the zenith are repelled by a ferocious charge by Frotes’ knights.

Casualties: 300 including: 265 Regulars, 20 Veterans, 10 Archers, 5 Cavaliers.


Augusto 1st, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 4, The day is Rainy. The south door was repaired in a hurry and this time it will not withstand the Zenith assault. After charging three times and suffering heavy casualties, the barbarians break in from the south. Many Draman are trapped on the wall and are slaughtered by the zenith. As soon as Deathshadow finds out about the intrusion, he orders a retreat under cover of the archers and Bandegil’s veterans, who were previously under the gate of the fifth wall.

Casualties: 500 including: 400 Regulars, 30 Veterans, 20 Archers, 50 Cavaliers.


Augusto 2nd, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 5, The day is Rainy with strong winds. The Zenith attack the Fifth wall furiously.

Casualties: 307 including: 250 Regulars, 10 Veterans, 40 Archers, and 5 Shadows, 2 Red Priests


Augusto 3rd, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 6, The day is Cloudy. Normal assault, the Fifth wall survives the assault.

Casualties: 304 including: 200 Regulars, 50 Veterans, 50 Archers, 2 Shadows, 2 Red Priests


Augusto 4th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 7, The day is Rainy. The gate is broken down but Frotes charges the zenith and wreaks havoc, killing more than 5000 zenith with his knights. During the assault, a group of zenith emerge from the city sewers, but are spotted and killed by a patrol of veterans near the gates.

Casualties: 300 including: 100 Regulars, 50 Veterans, 50 Archers, 100 Cavaliers.


Augusto 5th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 8, The day is Cloudy and windy. Again the gate is breached, but this time the countercharge by Frotes is neutralized. During the night the zenith have filled the houses with lances, which they use to slaughter the charging cavalry. Then the zenith swarm into the city and cut off the retreat of many Draman.

The fifth wall falls and the remaining Draman withdraw to the Fourth wall.

Casualties: 610 including: 200 Regulars, 50 Veterans, 50 Archers, 300 cavaliers and 5 Shadows, 5 Red Priests


Augusto 6th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 9, The day is Rainy, strong winds. A furious assault, but there are no further consequences owing to the weather conditions.

Casualties: 314 including: 200 Regulars, 100 Veterans, 10 Archers, 2 Shadows, 2 Red Priests


Augusto 7th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 10, The day is Cloudy. Normal attack, the wall and doors survive. A monstrous creature is spotted, which kills some Shadows. Apparently it is invincible.

- Lord Destor sends out a "Peace party" to meet with Zenith commanders to try to make peace.

Casualties: 300 including: 240 Regulars, 50 Veterans, 10 Archers


Augusto 8th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Day 11, The day is Stormy. Lord Destors "Peace party" returns from the Zenith camp.

- Normal attack, the wall and doors survive. The Gawk deals out massive casualties.

- The PCs re-emerge into the city through the "Old Book Inn". A secret cave entrance that the Zenith are using is neutralized. The PCs engage the Gawk, Frotes leads a charge against the Gawk and almost loses his leg. Deathshadow is killed by the Gawk. The PCs flood the city between walls 5, 6, and 7 by triggering an ancient device left by Gadrath. (see Session 25)

Casualties: 614 including: 480 Regulars, 100 Veterans, 20 Archers, 8 Shadows, 6 Red Priests

Augusto 8th - 10th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Days 12 - 13, The days are rainy. There are no attacks as the flooding goes down. Both Draman Del and the Zenith regroup. - A bewitching spell is released in the Draman Del war council and all of Lord Destors guards attack the council. No one is hurt.
- The PCs set up a trap for the Gawk. (see Session 26)

Casualties: 0

Augusto 11th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Days 14, The day is Cloudy. The Gawk is killed in the PCs trap. The PCs gate to Limbo, in search of General Rangh, the Steel General. (see Session 26 & Session 27)

Casualties: 511 including: 300 Regulars, 100 Veterans, 10 Archers, 90 cavaliers, 6 Shadows, 5 Red Priests


Augusto 12th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Days 15, The day is Cloudy. The wall and doors resist the first attack. Another Gawk is spotted, seemingly even more powerful than the one which killed Deathshadow. This one is slaughtering veteran soldiers, Shadows and Red Priests. The Fourth wall falls in the second attack.

Casualties: 600 including: 400 Regulars, 130 Veterans, 50 archers and 10 Shadows, 10 Red Priests.


Augusto 13th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Days 16, The day is Stormy. The Third wall falls and army morale sinks very low. Etheren, leader of 'The Shadows' dies during a charge against the Zenith.

Casualties: 920 including: 495 Regulars, 300 Veterans, 50 Archers, 55 Cavaliers, 10 Shadows and 10 Red Priests


Augusto 14th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Days 17, The day is Cloudy, windy. The wall survives but many soldiers are killed and the Gwark continues its massacre. Treman confronts him and is badly wounded.

Casualties: 825 including: 450 Regulars, 300 Veterans, 50 Archers, 20 Shadows, 5 Red Priests


Augusto 15th, 952

Draman Del Front
- Days 18, The day is Clear. The wall survives. General Treman is preparing for an advance that he knows will fail. The PCs return from the Underworld with General Ranghs armor and lifts the spirits and hopes of Treman and the remaining troops.

Gashnak, wearing Rangs armor and sword, Kazier, Alex and Dril face off with the Gawk and finally defeat it. The Zenith rush in for, what is sure an onslaught. But to everyones surprise, a second Zenith army arrives, lead by Queen Kayla of Akrindor and attacks the KOD lead army from behind, with air support from Bachra, one of Corvel's longtime allies.

The remaining Zenith scatter and the KOD disappears. The Siege of Draman Del is over.

Casualties: 500 including: 250 Regulars, 100 Veterans, 25 Archers, 20 Shadows, 5 Red Priests