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Akrindor are wide open plains. They were once deep forests stretching across most of central Nordia, until Mortisse d’Nor’krindor (an evil early queen of Corvel) raped the lands for their resources . She somehow tapped into the magics of the Cursed Woods... the Web of Life grows thickly in there, and decimated Akrindor nearly a thousand years ago, by a potent Chaos ritual which transformed her into a greater dragon - and her homeland into a giant, arid plain. Vegetation is finally coming back to the region, albeit slowly.

Far northern Akrindor borders the Northern Wastes in a long stretch of glacial ice and snow-covered tundra.

There is no central government in Akrindor, except for a queen, who is more of an ambassador than any true ruler. The population is mostly nomadic tribes, particularly elves and half-orcs. There are a couple of warlords who seem to be gathering other tribes under them, which could someday evolve into a true centralized government, but at this time, it's somewhat akin to the organization of the native Americans before the US.

Travelers will mostly find small bands of nomadic feral elves, halfelves and halforcs following herds of elk and yarrok or at war with each other. These "Zenith", as there called, will tend to avoid most other species, though earthfolk, faeries and a very rare human or two can be found among their number. These small groups can band together to fight a common foe if the need arises. Goblin tribes move through this area on occasion, as do feral orcs. The mountain range that cuts through the area is home to a few scattered troll enclaves, and many Dwarven communities.

Tribal humans also inhabit this inhospitable terrain, and more than a few have descended into a Chaos orientation, worshipping Marg, ice dragons, or even the goblins. It is from this stock that many of the human slaves following the Ra’althuuk raiding parties are taken.