Over a thousand years ago a great alliance was made between a number of small kingdoms. Barlo I, also known as Barlo the Just and later as St. Barlo, united humans and elves together against a great horde of invading Chaos creatures. This battle raged for two and a half decades in the frigid northlands before forces of evil were defeated and dispersed. This confederation stayed together and the Kingdom of Corvel was born.

Since that time Corvel has battled foes on all fronts and from within. Corvel has always managed to endure these struggles. Their greatest enemies have been the Kilmoorians across the Sea of Courage, and the savage Goblin Tribes to the north. Dozens of wars and hundreds of skirmishes have happend over the course of a thousand years. It is a testament to the resilience of the people of Corvel that they still endure.

Most recently King Cedric the Second has been assassinated by agents of Kilmoor and by traitors within his government. Another horrific war is just about to again roll across the landscape, sky, and sea . . .

As its name implies in the Ancient translation (“Kingdom of Light”), Corvel is considered the shining jewel of civilization by many nations. It is the birthplace of Rellian and the faith which bears his name. It is a cosmopolitan example of racial diversity, of progressive social justice and parliamentary government. It is the oldest of all nations on the continent of Nordia, and it was a king of Corvel who formed the nations of Seris and the Kainal Islands, truly the brighter side of Corvellian imperial efforts.

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But Corvel has been through some difficult struggles as of late. The beloved King Cedric of Green was assassinated by Kilmoorian spies within his own guard, leading to the rise of his half-brother, Marcus Greystone, and the subsequent long-running war with Kilmoor.

The current difficulties that Corvel has been facing began with the house of Holaf several years ago. Duchess Lea Holaf was suspected to be trafficking in slaves, contrary to Corvellian law. When Lady Holaf’s excesses finally led her to be banished and exiled from Corvel, she traveled to her holdings in Kilmoor. Kilmoor found its black-market trade with Corvel to be shut down, and in response, sent assassins undercover within King Cedric’s guard. They simultaneously invaded the province of Holaf, and parts of the lower provinces, with Lady Holaf’s assistance.

The province of Holaf has been held by Kilmoorian forces for the last five years. King Marcus has been leading Corvel’s armies to drive their enemies from their lands. Traitors exist in many levels of Corvel’s government, from human-supremacists who sympathize with the Kilmoorian doctrine, to those who simply find profit in their wicked ways. Regardless of the cause, bickering between the provincial houses is at an all-time high.

The war with Kilmoor and corruption and squabbling within the government is not the only problem Corvel is facing. To the north, the Goblin tribes are growing ever bolder, and reports of Margist activities are on the rise. Dramen Del also stretched the armies and Corvel’s thin, but the war on that front was concluded, thanks to the army and a few heroic Corvelians.
Some say that Corvel’s time has passed, and that it is only a matter of time before this great and ancient nation falls. But St. Barlo’s noble “Kingdom of Light” has faced even greater struggles in the past. Many have faith that Corvel will find its way once more, and defeat its many enemies. Whether or not this is true… only time will tell.