Kilmoor is the human-dominant empire of a zealous, proud people. Formed from human exiles of Zeah, Kilmoor is governed by twelve houses, each protected by a dragon lord, and ruled by the head of the dominant household. Currently ruled by Raja Emón Duzan.

Hallmarks of the society are Shal’ekk’niar, the dragon-worshiping state religion, a strictly defined caste system, strong navy, institutionalized slavery of nonhumans, gladiatorial entertainment, cavalry of horse, camel, and fi re drake. Galleybuilt ships are almost all copper-sheathed on the hull to protect against mer attack, as the aquatic elves suff ered at the hands of the Kilmoorians and are mortal enemies.

Kilmoorian rum is highly prized, and Kilmoorian spice is a powerful narcotic, illegal in many countries. Architecture includes ornate towers, stucco homes, and sturdy oared galleys.
Capital: Arak’sha

Motif: Middle-Eastern/Arabic/Persian/Tunisian with a fantasy draconic flair.

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