Other Northern Countries

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Bachra is to the east of Akrindor. It is an ally of Corvel, wealthy and staunch defender of the Rellianite faith. Conglomerate of powerful city states under a single ruling dynasty (a la Renaissance Italy). Currently ruled by Queen Lyndria of the ancient Sokat dynasty. Now functionally without a navy due to the annexation of their southern coast by Kilmoor.

Capital: Bartola

Motif: Byzantine, Eastern Orthodox fashion and architecture meets classical China and Tibet in the far north. Extremely beautiful, opulent humanocentric (but cosmopolitan) culture. Black powder (especially small cannon) weapons are now common due to trade with Corvel. Balloons, small gliders and primitive airships are their major technological contributions.

Far Eastern kingdom populated by humans and a bizarre species of partial lycanthropes living socially. Ruled by the hawk-headed Emperor/priest Faa’hai, the lush, temperate country is almost completely surrounded by a giant stone wall, and engages only in limited trade with Kharhoun, Tolak and Bachra. They are politically neutral in all matters outside of their own self-defense. The existence of the human/animal hybrids is not well known outside the walls of Harkilon.

Capital: Grome

Motif: Bronze-age Egyptian meets classical Mayan. Religious society, centered around Rai and various nature and ancestor spirits.

Southeastern kingdom (on the northern continent) allied with Kilmoor. Temperate, fertile and very sea-trade-oriented. Originally an ancient foothold of elf culture, invaders from Kilmoor led an uprising, laid waste to the old kingdom and erected a new tribute to their religion and governmental structure. Human dominant (with some Shal’taka and a selection of nonhuman slaves). Ruled by Raja Neron Drah’il with an iron fist. The country is governed by four noble houses, each protected by a single dragon lord.

Capital: Darei

Motif: North African/Mediterranean, with some Southeast Asian and Indian influence. Emphasis on sea power. Architecture is Persian influenced and art/decoration much more along the lines of India & Thailand.