The World Of Nia

"It is written in the beginning, there was only Creator in the heavens, and Rai in his fiery chair. And into the void Creator spat, and the endless sea was formed with Deyeus as its master. And into the sky above the water Creator blew a single word, and the wind was made real. Hausha was its mistress, and her husband, Zoen, was lord of the storm. First came the creatures of the sea and of the air, and then the great dragons, who sought dominion over the creatures in both realms. It is said Creator made the land to rise from the ocean's depths, and put upon it two guardians; Deain, god of mountains, and Dalah, the earth mother. And a long history of bargains, of wars, of promises and trickery did ensue. The elder gods of the world called this place Nia, and mortals still speak the name with neverence. For it is here they dwell among the works of gods and men, of champions and of villains, among the wondrous creatures and mystic places, caught in an eternal struggle between Order and Chaos."

The world of Arrowflight is called Nia. It is a very large world. The Arrowflight book describes the country of Corvel. This is where all the action takes place. The "Island Nations" supplement describes Seris, Kilmoor, and the Kainal Islands. Not much is known about the Southern Continents.

I have broken the world into two parts, the Northern Continents and the Southern Continents. The "Action" from my campaign takes place in the Northern Continents.

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