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Greetings Nians!
Here is what's New

14th Jan 2017
ArrowFlight is a go! We have 4 new characters:
Ken is Burney Crabbage an Orc witch, extra ugly, deters towards the savage side, has bad luck

Taggart is Antoy Alard a human noble duelist, whom has made a enemy in Corvel

Kris is Ry'larth Ohm, a Shal'taka fighter specializing in unarmed combat and a former Kilmoorian slave with an addiction to tobacco

Stephen is Cara Peddle, an obese pixie whom occasionally has hallucinations and is argumentative


12th Dec 2016
ArrowFlight on its way?  Arrowflight in January?? Maybe!!

11th July 2016
Got a good poster size mape done and ordered. I have one players background already. I can't wait!

10th June 2016
Progress continues. I have a couple of storylines, some side treks and some NPCs prepped.

14th May 2016
4th June 2016 ArrowFlight is BACK!!  I am fired up about it!

Check out the new Arrowflight 2nd edition! All new rules (yet compatable with first ed) and new content on the world and history of Nia. Time to review the new rules! They added more combat styles, Airship and sea ship rules. and much more! Get your pdf copy at RPGNow and support a FANTASTIC game!.


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