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Hi, I'm Nitehood.
Welcome to my website dedicated to my favorite RPG world!


Here you will find some histories of the NPCs, PCs, their adventures, homebrew rules, and a whole lot more about Arrowflight.



Its an Awesome game!

Enter a world of epic fantasy, of vengeful gods and dark forces, of gallant fighting men and mysterious wielders of magic. Enter the world of Arrowflight. A world familiar with all the great fantasy elements, yet completely original in evolution. A world with two decades of development behind it. A combat system that won't hurt your brain yet allows fighting characters to be more than unwieldy thugs or walking shields. An open-ended magic system that allows players to construct their own spells. A character generation system that gives you more than a one-dimensional cliche? with optional archetypes to get you started quickly. 

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