All RPG's are just guidelines. Its up to the GM to modify them to his/her campaign world. I get help from my players. In my gaming group, we judge how good a published gaming system is by the number of changes we have to make. The fewer the mods the better the game is. Here are a few for changes and additions for Arrowflight.


Missle Weapon skill is now a Dex based.

New Skills

Intelligence Based


This unpleasant skill enables a great amount of pain to be inflicted on another being. The ‘victim' must be bound or otherwise held in order for this to work. Each time Torture is used they inflict 1 point of damage. Information or simple sadistic pleasure can be gained. A person being tortured can counter with a Resist roll, their successes vs. those of the Torturer.


Perception Based

Offensive Gesture.

By the use of words and body language, a character can greatly offend others. If the person doesn't know the language the offender is using, they have a -1 to their skill check. However their hand motions should still be able to get the point across. The person being targeted can make a Resist check, opposing their successes vs. those of the offender. If they resist, they keep their cool and stare down at them. If they fail they will respond in kind with their own spontaneous offensive gesture or perhaps violence.

Will Based


This skill enables a character to fight with more strength and skill than they normally have. They get a +1 to their effective skill level on their combat rolls for each round they have a success. If they had 4 successes they would Frenzy for 4 rounds. When a Frenzy ends they are at a -1 on their combat skills for 2 turns due to exhaustion. After that brief respite they can attempt to Frenzy again.


Regular Skills Chart

Skills Table
Agility Skills Intelligence Skills Perception Skills Strength Skills
Athletics Cultural Sciences Animal Husbandry Climb
Dance Domestic Arts Awareness Endurance
Drive Education * Bargain Strength Feat
Melee Weapon Law Command Swim
Ride Language * Con  
Sail    Ancient * Diagnosis  
Siege Weapon *    Western * Gambling Willpower Skills
Stealth    Akrindor * Offensive Gesture Frenzy
Armed Combat Skills:    Kilmoorian * Performing Arts Interrogation
   Assassin *    Eastern * Seduction Intimidation
   Barbarian *    D'junn * Social Resist
   Bharata *    Islander * Streetwise  
   Cavalier *    Empire * Wilderness Skills * Mana
   Gallant *    Solander *   Folk Magic
   In-Fighting *    Handspeak * Dexterity Skills Arcane Theory *
   Ree-Adar *    Arcanian * Black Powder    Combat *
   Soldier *    Orrindan * Craft *    Healing *
  Swashbuckler * Literary Skills * Missile Weapon    Illusion *
Unarmed Combat Skills: Lore Play Instrument *    Elemental *
   Brawling * Medicine Repair *    Divination *
   Dalahur * Military Sciences * Sleight of Hand    Necromancy *
   Haushahar * Seamanship Thievery    Glamors *
   Ratahar, Dwarven * Theoretical Sciences    
   Ratahar, Elven * Torture   Spirit
   Senvata * Natural Sciences   Devotion
   Shal'ekkhar *      
   Tothahar *      

* Italics notes that there are pre-requisites or multipliers for these skills

Skills Special Notes

Skill Notes

Arcane Theory Mages Only. Requires Natural and Theoretical Sciences at 2 or more and the Mage School Apprenticeship in Lifeline.

AT: Glamors Faeries and Earthfolk only.

Awareness Factors into Initiative and Save Target.

Combat Ability Factors into Initiative Target.

Devotion Priests must have Natural and Theoretical Sciences at 2 or more to learn prayers.

Education A skill level of 1 indicates basic literacy in the character's native language, while 4 or higher indicates Higher Education adding a one time bonus of +1 to Cultural and Natural Sciences and Literary skills.

Folk Magic Spells are purchased separately.

Language A skill level of 2 or more and an Education of 1 indicates the ability to read and write in the chosen language.

Law Requires Education of 3 or more.

Literary Skills Requires the character to be literate (Education: 1).

Medicine A professional doctor must have a specialty and requires an Education or Lore skill of 3 or more.

Military Sciences Requires Cultural Sciences of 1 or more.

Missile Weapon Separate from Black Powder skill.

Resist Factors into Save Target.

Siege Weapon Field cannon are under Black Powder.

Strength Feat A failed skill check yields 1 wound damage.