The Southern Continents Of Nia

The Southern Wilds
Lush jungles cover this volcanic continent. Very little in the way of level real estate; 80% of the landmass is dominated by mountains and active volcanoes. Giant proto-dragons and wyrms prowl the jungles, and windlords fill the air. Aghali-nyeh hunt tribes of feral elf and small bands of humans. There are a handful of tiny colonies flying the flags of Seris, Kilmoor, and the Kainal Islands .

Capital: N/A

Motif: Krakatoa meets Tarzan meets The Lost World with a Polynesian/Micronesian feel.

The Dark Lands
Lush rainforest covers the majority of this large continent in the south. A mix of jungle and giant conifers hides hundreds of tribal kingdoms, some housed in ancient ruins, some in wooden cities in the canopy. Many exotic races and creatures exist here, and the northern powers are beginning to set up imperial outposts along the northern coasts. The major powers invested are Kilmoor, Corvel and Seris, with Bachra and Kharhoun recent additions to the party. The Raihar Empire has several small trading outposts on the southern coast. Kilmoor raids the forests of the Dark Lands for feral elf and Mon'taka, Aghali-ny and Marr'ish. Several powerful greater dragons make the Dark Lands their home as well.

Capital: N/A

Motif: Primeval American southeast meets colonial Africa , from firs to kudzu, tribal natives to man-eating beasts.

Dara Tova (Land of the Dead)
It is said that Dara Tova was created from part of the Underworld, and for that reason the place is a conduit to the land of the dead. Various beliefs are held regarding the burial and/or disposal of the dead, and their return or communion with the living. In actuality, it was the Mon'taka's challenge of Creator's power that caused them to raise Dara Tova from the Underworld, an act that cursed their previously epic civilization to ruin. This fact is unknown to the world at large, and the Mon'taka do not speak of it - ever.

Capital: Tova Kor

Motif: Bleak, dark jungles, arid savanna, murky swamps. Florida Everglades meets Haitian Voodoo with Planet of the Apes .

It is thought that this continent is either a nexus point for corporeal, arcane and divine forces that it is a gateway to other worlds. It is said that great and powerful sorcerers once pooled their vast powers to create the fluctuating realities that merge upon Luria's shores. Whatever the land's true origins, strange and powerful forces are at work. Luria is ruled either by the Black Empress, or the Red King, depending upon the time of year, as rifts in the mortal world reveal parallel realities. The Web of Life is also affected, causing wild fluctuations in magical energies. Modern artifacts such as clocks and firearms do not work here; indeed, time itself seems to run strangely.

Capital: Ellgard/Jentir

Motif: Deciduous wonderland. New England meets Riverworld meets Legend meets What Dreams May Come . A merging of Celtic and Australian Aborigine dream culture.

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