Spells & Prayers

Arrowflight uses a template system to create spells. In essence, this means that they give you a few spells in each of the theories and let the mages create there own spells from there. Below is a table of all the spells in the Arrowflight books and some that my players have made up. This is a great place for a beginning Arrowflight player who wants to be a mage can come and pick a few spells to get him/her started.

Mages use MANA to power there spells and Priests use SPIRIT. MANA is the manipulation of natural forces via the "Web of Life" and SPIRIT is the channeling of divine forces through the conduit of the priests soul.

The table is broken into 'Name of Spell', 'Corporeal or Non-coporeal' , and 'source of the spell'(ex..AF 93 is Arrowflight book page 93). Each Theory will also have a 'M' for Mana or Mage Theory or a 'S' for Spiritual or Priest Theory.

Click on each spell name for a brief description.

Sources include:
AF = Arrowflight Rulebook by Deep7
Anima = Anima Supplement by Deep7
Isles = Island Nations Supplement by Deep7
KD = Kings Dispatch by Deep7
ST = Severed Threads Supplement by Deep7
COT = Cast of Thousands Supplement by
Web = My players, or others generous enough to donate their spells.

Mana based spells:

Glamors (Faerie-folk)   Folk Magic (M)   Combat Theory (M)   Divination Theory (M)
Animal Control N Anima 12 Animal Speak   AF 87 Barrier C AF 81 Find N AF 86
Animal Speak N Anima 12 Dousing   AF 87 Damage Touch N AF 81 Postcognition N AF 86
Animate C AF 94 Float   AF 87 Energy Projection C AF 81 Precognition N AF 86
Babble N AF 94 Light   AF 87 Energy Wave C AF 81 Read Soul N AF 86
Beckon N AF 93 Spark   AF 87 Haste N Web Scrying N AF 86
Befuddle N AF 94       Hold N AF 81 Veil N AF 86
Charm N AF 93       Levitate N AF 81      
Curse N AF 94       Matter Shift N AF 82      
Dance N AF 94       Refuge C AF 82      
Darken Heart N AF 93       Shield C AF 81      
Fly N AF 94       Spectral Weapon C AF 82      
Grow C AF 94                  
Hide N AF 93                  
Illusion N AF 93                  
Party N AF 93                  
Protect N AF 93                  
Shape C AF 94                  
Sleep N AF 93                  
Swim N AF 94                  
Tongues N Web                  
  Elementalist (M) Healing (M)   Illusionist (M)   Necromancy (M)
Projection C AF 87 Amplify N AF 82 Advanced N AF 84 Control N ST 19
Rock To Mud C Web Basic Healing N AF 82 Aggressive Audio N AF 84 Create Golem N AF 85
Transform C AF 87 Healing Salve C AF 83 Basic Audio N AF 84 Create Undead N ST 19
Wall C AF 87 Light Healing N AF 83 Basic Visual N AF 84 Drain Mana N AF 85
Wall of Stone C Web Mend N AF 83 Intermediate N AF 84 Dispel Dead N AF 85
      Purification N AF 83 Invisibility N Web Ghost Shield C AF 85
      Purification II N Web       Re-animation N AF 85
      Regenerate C AF 83       Spirit Communion N AF 85
      Rend N AF 82            
      Sleep N AF 83            
      Stun Potion C AF 83            


Primal (M)   Summoning (M)        
Animal Possession N Anima 10 Control N ST 5            
Animate Plant N Anima 9 Gate C Web            
Adv. Shapeshift N Anima 9 Matter Shift N ST 5            
Alrick's Adv. Shapeshift N Web Summon N ST 5            
Basic Shapeshift N Anima 9 Teleport N ST 5            
Control Animal N Anima 8 Ward N ST 5            
Enhancement N Anima 11                  
Plant Growth N Anima 10                  
Plant Wall C Anima 11                  
Shape Vegitation N Anima 11                  
Summon Animal N Anima 9                  
Web C Web                  

Spirit Based Spells

Common Prayer (S)   Communion (S)   Healing (S)   Protection (S)
Bless   Web Animal Guide N Anima 12 Healing Touch N AF 90 Holy Armor N AF 91
Direction   AF 92 Avatar N AF 91 Make Whole C AF 90 Sanctuary N AF 91
Forecast   AF 92 Command Animal N Anima 12 Refresh N AF 90      
Luck   AF 92 Divine Command N AF 91 Regeneration C AF 90      
Purify Water   AF 92 Divine Communion N AF 91 Restorative Sleep N AF 90      
Take Care   AF 92                  
Wrath (S)      
Blight N Anima 12                  
Divine Force C AF 92                  
Holy Rain C AF 92                  
Smite C AF 92                  


Glamors are low powered spells for fairie folk only.

Folk Magic
Folk Magic are very low powered spells that are usually passed down through the generations by word of mouth. Examples of Folk magics would be practical or entertaining things such as Light or Spark.

All Folk Magic must not have a Diff higher than 1.

Combat Theory

Unlike Folk Magic, Combat Theory spells are very powerful and usually very destructive. Combat Theory has its name for a reason. Most of its spells are designed for offensive and defensive combat, and in particular for defending nations from their enemies.

As a result, in terms of social and public respect, practitioners of the Combat Theory are more highly regarded and more trusted than followers of of any other school of magic.



Divination Theory

Elementalist Theory

Healing Theory
Using the Web of Life as a healing art.

Illusion Theory

Necromancy Theory

Primal Theory
The Primal Theory plays on the most basic foundation of the Web of Life. Most mage schools do not teach Primal, relegating it to a side discipline. However, due to its unique approach to the Web of Life, it is seen as a useful, if somewhat obscure, object lesson.

Primal is much more common in less civilized areas. Many shamans and mystics practice Primal, and many mages taught in a less formal environment possess at least a basic understanding of the theory. Many magic scholars believe Primal to be one of the oldest arcane theories. Certainly, the art of the Familiar Bond originated with this theory.

Most Primal mages pass on their knowledge through the tradition of apprenticeship. Tribal groups do the same. It should be noted that, among tribal groups, Shamans are uncommon, as a true Shaman is skilled in both Magic Theory and Devotion. "Seers" assist Shaman but are skilled only in Devotion; "Mystics" are those who are skilled only in a magic theory.

Summoning Theory
The arcane theory known as Summoning is viewed with a great deal of suspicion in many nations. While the theory itself is not
inherently illegal in Corvel, the specific goal of summoning and controlling demons is against the law. As such, practitioners of Summoning are watched carefully - even moreso than are necromancers. Witchsmellers are often assigned to track and observe specific summoners, just in case they step out of line. Kilmoor has no ethical issues with summoning and controlling demons, though mages who engage in the practice are often given a wide berth. Those who cannot control the demons they summon are seen to get exactly what they deserve.

Spirit Theories & Spells.





Common Prayers
Common Prayer are very low powered spells that are usually passed down through the generations by word of mouth. Examples of Common Prayers would be Purify Water and Forecast.

All Common Prayer must not have a Diff higher than 1.